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Cooper Young Festival

Join us for the annual Evolve Bank & Trust Cooper Young Festival on Saturday, September 17 from 9 am to 7 pm. The Cooper Young Festival is a free, family-friendly, music, arts and crafts street festival which draws over 135,000 people to our 117 year old historic Cooper Young District for a day of music, art, shopping, people watching and dining. The Festival, in its 29th
year, is the largest, single day event held annually in a celebration of life, music, arts and history. It’s the biggest party of the summer!

Cooper Young is where art, culture, cuisine and commerce intersect in a fabric that weaves its way throughout this historic neighborhood to create a lifestyle district all its own. The highlight of the year is the Cooper Young Festival! Festival day is when the local merchants as well as over 435 guest artists from all over the country and local Memphis musicians offer up the best fun in the South.

Cooper Young Business Association hosts this one and only fundraiser for the area to make the District known both locally, nationally, to draw homeowners and merchants into the neighborhood. The proceeds from the Festival are redistributed back into the infrastructure of the neighborhood, business websites, and community non-profit organizations. Home to over 187 independently owned businesses in Memphis; Cooper Young is home grown, local led and community raised. 


View our Cooper Young Festival menu here.