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The Fall Patio Sessions: Episode 4, The Bluff City Backsliders

  • Celtic Crossing 903 Cooper Street Memphis, TN, 38104 United States (map)

Ladies and gentlemen, 
good things take a while to ripen. The Backsliders have only been at it for fifteen years. Please be patient with us. This much joy is hard to withstand. 

Memphis-based Bluff City Backsliders delivers high-powered, hip-shaking, barrelhouse hoodoo music that's as profane as it is glorious.

Finger-plucked guitar, high-dollar fiddle, vamping banjos, bottleneck and lap-style resonator guitar, dog-bite mandolin and dulcet kazoo, sliding trombone and growling trumpet or crying clarinet, and stride and strut pianos produce a joyous cacophony of early jazz, jug band, old-time country, and proto-bluegrass sounds, reaching from Memphis to Appalachia and all the way down to New Orleans, often all at once.

Something archetypal in the band’s music thrills music lovers of all kinds, old and young. Feet stomp. Throats howl. Grandparents dance with grandchildren. Joy abounds.

"This Memphis super band can deliver the soulful, spirited, and often very funny sounds that first made Beale Street famous." - the MEMPHIS FLYER

"If W.C. Handy and Memphis Minnie were still alive, they'd be dancin' hand in hand down Beale Street with a devilish fervor. It's that good!" - MILES OF MUSIC

"In a town with more blues bands than you can shake a porkpie hat at, the Bluff City Backsliders truly stand out as something unique." - the COMMERCIAL APPEAL

"Well-timed and unquestionably interesting, balancing gravity and levity, verisimilitude and the grotesque." BLUES REVUE

Band Members

Jason Freeman
Michael Graber
Matt Ross-Spang
Khari Wynn
Jeremy Shrader
Victor Darnell Sawyer
Mark Jordan
Steve Barnat
Jeff Pope
Clint Wagner
Mike Powers
Adam Woodard
Eric Lewis
Mark Lemhouse
Paul Taylor
Amy LaVere
Scott Bomar
John Stubblefield
Posey Hedges
Bobby Memphis
Jeff Joiner
Richard Alan Ford
Valerie June
John Whittemore
Jim Spake
Tim Stanek
Elizabeth Wise
JD Westmoreland
Daniel McKee
Judge Booker
and a host of other guests no less wonderful.