Local Love: A Discussion with Musician Jeremy Stanfill

Jeremy Stanfill is a Memphis staple. You can find him playing multiple venues with multiple bands every day of the week. Our marketing consultant, Katie McWeeney, sat down with Jeremy recently to discuss the February theme of love from a romantic musician’s point of view. 

KMP: You truly are a Memphis musician; open the Memphis Flyer and you are playing multiple venues every week. How long have you been playing at Celtic Crossing and what is your favorite part of performing here?

JS: I started playing in 2009 during the Rusty Lemon hay day. I took over his spot performed every Thursday night with a full band. I went away for a while when I was sick… 

(Squirrel catapults from the patio ledge next to the table and jumps over Jeremy’s head to a tree.)

Well, hey little guy. Man, city squirrels are crazy like crackheads.

---Anyway, DJ approached Josh Cosby & I about playing Sunday evenings 6 - 9 p.m. a little over a year ago… the rest is history.

KMP: Which Celtic era/set is your favorite?

JS: It was a blast back in the day with a full band, but the crowd was pretty rowdy. I have the best times on Sunday nights; it is laid back, relaxed atmosphere. The music is softer and Josh & I vibe really well, which I think comes across to the crowd. It’s great when you can enjoy playing a weekly gig. Basically, I get to hang out with some of my closest friends and annoy them with my sad love songs. 

KMP: Personally, I can’t agree with you on the subject of annoyance because you played Abe and I’s first dance at our wedding. 

JS: Which was an honor and I want to see the photos. I heard there is one of you both kissing me on the cheek and I look really embarrassed. 

(Notably, Jeremy’s cheeks are turning pink just reflecting upon the idea of said photos.)

KMP: Since you don’t blush easily, shall we talk about your love life first, or would you rather discuss your exciting upcoming music projects? 

JS: I have a love/hate relationship with the both of them. Let’s start with music. 

KMP: (Chuckling) Got it, the lesser of two evils. What are you currently working on? 

JS: I have a new solo record out right now that was released in November, Somewhere Between You & Me (Listen here.) The band I drum for, Star & Micey, releases it’s new album March 11 titled Get ‘Em Next Time; it was produced under our own label, Mouse & the Moon, through the distributor, Dirty Tigers, in Nashville. We also just released the music video for the first single, via Southern Living. (View the official video here. ) Valentine’s Day will be our last performance and send off before we begin touring full time in March, so everyone should come get romantic with us.  

KMP: Speaking of romance… second question: are you dating anyone right now?

JS: I am, if she isn’t mad at me. 

KMP: Not to stereotype you as a musician, but just one?

JS: Just one, she doesn’t think so, but just one. 

KMP: She is already a lucky lady if you are declaring your status in an interview! Do you have any special plans or thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

JS: I am a hopeless romantic, I love it. You can go either way… you can go get drunk with the Heartbreaker’s Club or do the Valentine’s thing. The worst part this year is that I play a gig on Valentine’s Day, so it’s like “Hey girlfriend, come watch me play love songs about my ex-girlfriends.” It may be cliche, but I believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day everyday, even if it is being #basic and binging on food and Netflix. 

KMP: Ok, so you are currently not single. Let’s not ignore interview limitations. Considering most of your songs ARE love songs, do you have a past memory you’d like to share? 

JS:  I am going to put a big ole’ hole in your interview. Some people have hawk eyes and hound dog ears. I don’t want to be in the dog house. 

KMP: Ok, here is a personal icebreaker. The first gentleman caller to take me out on a date in Memphis was pulled over on our way to dinner and taken to jail for a suspended driver’s license. (on top of other sketchy circumstances.) I bailed him out of jail and immediately followed him to the ATM for reimbursement with the bail bondsman. Needless to say, we never spoke again. 

JS: I’ll tell you a great Memphis memory of mine regarding love. One of the first dates (with the woman my solo album discusses) was when I first moved to Midtown. I lived right behind the French Quarter Inn, that happened to have great piano I enjoyed taking advantage of. I found a way to get in to perform for my ex and also take advantage of the pool area. Afterwards, we went downtown and jumped the wall to Mud Island. “Crazy Feeling” by Etta James was bouncing off the walls of the high-rises. Needless to say, we made love on stage. 

The next month, the band I was playing for at the time opened up for Def Leopard on the same stage for a sold out show. That WAS crazy. 

KMP: A Memphis Bonnie & Clyde type of evening. Any parting words of advice for anyone in a relationship right now?

JS: If I was single, I would elaborate more, but you know… I’m a romantic. I want to preserve what I have. My advice? Pay attention to your lady’s needs and kiss her every time like it’s the last time. 

              Photo credit: Jamie Harmon 

              Photo credit: Jamie Harmon